M.C. Hydrapulper For Paper Processing Line


Generally the M.C. Hydrapulper is used for pulping wood pulp and other clean raw material to produce high quality tissue paper and culture paper, meanwhile pulp the paper with high wet strength, such as broken paper, grease proof paper, non-woven paper, coated paper, pulp sheet, recovered paper(waste paper), etc.

Design Features of M.C. Hydrapulper

1. The M.C. hydrapulper is designed with S-type rotor, can adjust the gap between rotor and sieve plate to guarantee the pulping effect.

2. Applicable with large production, generally above 10m ³.

3. Pulp consistency  can reach 5~8%.

4. Contact with the pulp part is 304#stainless steel.

Low power consumption compared with other similar paper pulpers, can achieve the purpose of continuous pulping, bigger capacity compared with the same volume pulper. If you have any need or questions, feel free to contact us.