Low Density Cleaner For Paper Pulping Line

The low density cleaner is equipped with a flushing system that can be applied to ensure clean equipment surfaces and maintain efficient operating conditions. The low density cleaner is capable of handling large amounts of slurry and is suitable for high-throughput paper production lines.

Application & Features

1. Flexible structural design makes disassembly and assembly more convenient.

2. The unique structural design allows the slurry to enter the cleaner at low concentration and form a stable vortex, which greatly reduces system power consumption and maintenance costs.

3. The main body is made of wear-resistant stainless steel, which enhances the wear-resistance and corrosion resistance of the cleaner and has a wider application range.

4. There is less fiber loss, and the separation chamber wall is designed with wear-resistant transparent material, so the operation status can be easily observed.

In general, low-consistency slag remover plays an important role in paper production. If you need more details of paper making machine, please contact us. Email: leizhanworld@gmail.com