Light Impurity Separator

light impurity separator

Light Impurity Separator mainly used for dealing with impurities and tailing in coarse screening section.

The Feature of Light Impurity Separator

1. The main body of Light Impurity Separator is an inverse conical design, and the structure of it is concave top, which can form a strong vortex,making a low pressure area in the top center and getting the light impurities and dis charge them outside effectively.

2. Light Impurity Separator’s pulp outflow chamber of rotor is higher than under surface of shell, which forming a low pressure area around the rotor to collect heavy impurities.
Under centrifugal force, the heavy impurities are thrown to the outermost of eddy and deposit in the groove that is outside the sieve plate for discharging. At the same time, it willreduce the wear to cutter and sieve plate, prolong the service life of them.

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