Light Impurity Separator For Stock Preparation Line

Light impurity separator can effectively remove impurities in waste paper or wood pulp, ensure the quality of the paper, and improve the gloss and neatness of the paper. And through the processing of light impurity separator, the processing cost and waste generation in the pulping process can be reduced, and the production process can be optimized.

Application & Features

1. Impurities and fibers in the pulp can be effectively separated, improving the utilization rate of the pulp.

2. Equipped with an automatic control system, capable of automatic operation and adjustment, and easy to operate.

3. Using advanced technology and design, it can save energy efficiently, reduce resource consumption and emissions, and meet environmental protection requirements.

4. Made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, it can adapt to the corrosive environment in paper production.

Light impurity separator plays an important role in paper production equipment, and plays an important role in improving paper quality, improving the production process, and reducing production costs. Welcome to contact us. Email address: