Light Impurity Separator For Removing Slag

Light impurity separator is applied to deal with tailing in the process of first stage of paper pulp coarse screening. Light impurity separator is popular with regular and new customers for its high quality and good price.

Light impurity separator adopts up-flow inlet. Through high-speed rotatng, impurities are gathered in the center of vortex. Heavy impurity are removed outside of the sieve plate and removed through the slag tank. The inverse conical design and concave top structure of light impurity separator plays a constructive role, forming a low pressure area in the top center to get rid of impurities form paper pulp.

Light impurity separator can be used with reject separator to remove light and heavy impurity from the tailing in the process of coarse screeing. There are many types of screening machine and impurity cleaner which can meet all your production needs. If you are interested, please leave your message in the chart below or send email to