Leizhan and Shengyuan Successfully Signed 250,000T OCC Pulping Line

Recently, Leizhan and Shengyuan reached an in-depth cooperation on the OCC processing line with an annual output of 250,000 tons. The two parties will jointly promote technological upgrading and product innovation in the paper industry.

This cooperation will provide a complete set of pulping equipment such as chain conveyor, D-type continuous impurity-removing system, energy-saving pressure screen, high density cleaner, and inflow pressure screen before paper machine for the new project of Shengyuan Company. The company’s cooperation in the paper industry has entered a new stage.

Leizhan’s machines all adopt advanced technology, which can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of pulp, and provide strong technical support for the development of the paper industry. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com