Kraft Paper Recycling Making Machine Making Line For Paper Mill

Double layer kraft paper machine

Main Technical Data About Kraft Paper Recycling Making Machine:

1. Paper type: kraft paper  /mill board paper note book paper / insulation kraft paper

2. Gram weight: 80-200g/m2

3. Trimmed width: 3200mm

5. Designed speed: 100-180m/min  high speed

6. Production capacity: 100t/d

7. Dryness:

After wire section: ≥18-21%

   After press section: ≥38-42%

   Paper product dryness: 90%-92%

8. Finished product ratio: 96%

Technology Condition About Kraft Paper Recycling Making Machine:

2.1 Pulp types :commercial wood pulp


2.2 Pulping Concentration: 0.1~0.3%


2.3 Dryness getting into dryer:35~38%


2.4 The dryness of winkle: 90~92%


2.5 Paper moisture: 5~8%

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