Kraft Paper Machine For Sale

High speed paper machine

Kraft paper machine is on hot sale in Leizhan company, kraft Paper Making Project includes pulping process and kraft paper making process, both them is important for quality of kraft paper making, especially the pulping equipment and the paper machine have a directly influence in the finished kraft paper quality.

Kraft Paper Pulping Equipment

1. Pulper equipment: D-Type Hydrapulper: C=3~5%, Motor power: 75kw.

2. Cleaner equipment: High Density Cleaner: C=3~5%, P=0.2~0.5MPa, Low density cleaner: C=7~8%, P=0.1~0.2MPa

3. Screening equipment: M.C. Pressure Screen: C=3~4%, Motor power:37kw, Coarse screen drum: 0.6mm, Fine screen drum: 0.25mm.

You may wonder why this pulp line does’t have a refiner, this is because the screening equipment not only have a role in screening, but also can replace the refiner equipment to improve the slurry beating degree. And this save many power for paper making friends.

Kraft Paper Making Machine

Type: 1880mm Cylinder Mould Paper Machine

Net Paper Width: 1880mm

Capacity: 15t/d

Work speed: 80m/min

Rail gauge: 2700mm

Drive type: Ac variable frequency division drive