Kraft Corrugated Paper Making Machine Spare Parts Dryer Cylinder


Dryer cylinder is the main and most important part of paper machine.

Main Features of Dryer Cylinder

  • Dryer body material: HT250
    Spindle nose: QT500-7 modular cast iron, with annealing heat treatment, conical degree 1:12
    Hardness: HB210-230
    Dryer roughness: ≤0.8 micro meter
    Type: sanitary paper carrying rope system, paper carrying scored wheel is on the dryer bearing cover, among them , 2 are disjointed paper carrying rope wheel. Used in sizing machine.
    The max working pressure: 0.5MPa
    Water pressure test: 1.0 Mpa
    Lubrication: thin oil lubrication
    Test dynamic balance level: G4
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