Inflow Pressure Screen

Inflow pressure screen

Working Principle of Inflow Pressure Screen

The NSL model Inflow Pressure Screen is a device with continuous pressure selection in a completely closed state. The pulp with pressure and unscreening during operation is tangentially inserted into the outside of the sieve drum by the slurry feeding pipe in the upper part of the body. The pressure difference between the inside and the outside, the qualified pulp passes through the sieve hole into the sieve drum under the action of pressure, and is led out from the good slurry pipe at the bottom of the Inflow Pressure Screen. The slurry and impurities which cannot pass through the sieve hole are lowered to the bottom and discharged from the slag discharge pipe.

The rotating fins on the outside of the screen drum produce a gentle pressure that further improves the circumferential flow of the pulp, and the negative pressure at the tail of the screen drum acts as a backwash screen. This can prevent the screen hole from being clogged, so that the slurry can smoothly pass through the screen hole, ensuring continuous operation of screening.

Installation and Adjustment of Inflow Pressure Screen

  • 1.Foundation

The Inflow Pressure Screen belong to the rotary machinery, use the reinforced-concrete structure, the foundation of Inflow Pressure Screen designed by civil engineering department. After laying the foundation and waiting until the foundation is cured, hang the Inflow Pressure Screen on the foundation, and pad correction block and anchor bolt, Secondary grouting after preliminary level correction, after the cement is firm, perform precise correction. And then fasten the anchor bolts to the equipment.

  • Inflow Pressure Screen Installation

Use the lifting lugs and lifting holes on the base to adjust the Inflow Pressure Screen as a whole from the pallet and place the Inflow Pressure Screen on the foundation. When installing, the Inflow Pressure Screen must be horizontal to make the sieve body smooth and the anchor bolts are evenly stressed, and to ensure that the Inflow Pressure Screen can drain the liquid when the machine is empty, and all the anchor bolts should be tightened.

  • Install of Motor

Mount the motor vertically on the motor base plate and place the base plate on the motor slide rails. Put the V-belt on the motor shaft and make it at the same level as the V-belt of the Inflow Pressure Screen After the pulley is installed, the motor rotates clockwise from the top.

  • Maintenance of Inflow Pressure Screen

1. The spindle bearing is lubricated with grease, and there is a refueling device on the front panel of the base. Oiling twice a week

2. The lid lifter bearing is oiled once a year.

3. Must check the tension of the triangular tape.

4. Always check if the mechanical seal cooling water supply is normal, Regularly withdraw the tubular filter for cleaning.

5. In order to avoid difficulty in restarting, the screen drum must be carefully cleaned during long shutdowns.

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