Inflow Pressure Screen For Paper Pulp

Inflow pressure screen is one of the star products in our catalogue. It is hot saled among the listed screen machines. The main function of inflow pressure screen is for pulp homogenate in the screen process. It can screen wood pulp, waste paper pulp, straw pulp and so on.

Advantages of Inflow Pressure Screen

1.High production capacity, small motor power and energy saving
2.Inflow design,low pulse, good performance on homogenate
3.Automatic oil injection and seal water detection alarm device to ensure safe running and reduce maintenance.
4.Adopted stainless steel for prologling service life

Inflow Pressure Screen is an advanced screen machine. It is a good chioce for you. Other types of pressure screen for removing imputities are also listed in the website, and hydrapulper, refiner, paper machine are provided as well. Welcome to send email to