Inflow Pressure Screen for Corrugated Paper Making

 inflow pressure screen for corrugated paper making

The Inflow Pressure Screen is mainly composed of a casing, a rotor, a sieve drum, a transmission device, a lifting device and the like.

Inflow Pressure Screen suitable for use as a selection of wood pulp, various types of straw pulp, waste paper pulp, especially suitable as a pre-screen screening equipment for many kind of paper machines, such as the Corrugated Paper Machine.

Main Advantages of Inflow Pressure Screen

1. High screening efficiency: since the slurry enters the sieve along the tangential line with a high pressure, the fiber and the coarse impurities are separated before the slurry enters the sieve drum by the centrifugal force.Qualified fibers quickly pass through the screen drum by the pressure differential between the inlet and outlet.

2. Long service life: Since the pulp enters the pressure screen, the heavy impurities of the pulp are separated by the centrifugal action, so that the impact and wear of the impurities on the rotor and the screen drum are alleviated.

3. Not blocked when sieved: The pulp is evenly screened from top to bottom, there is no thickening phenomenon, the impurities are far away from the sieve drum, and the sieve drum is not easy to be blocked.

4. Can replace the low pulse screen: the pulse strength of the machine is low, and there is no disturbance in the direct access to the Internet.

5. Good Quality Pulp: Sieve drum is made of stainless steel, and the fine sieve joint makes the removal rate of harmful impurities in the good pulp greatly improved.

6. Low maintenance costs: The spindle uses an advanced mechanical sealing system that is not easily damaged.

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