Inflow Pressure Screen Before Paper Machine

Inflow pressure screen

Inflow Pressure Screen Before Paper Machine used in approach system to make the pulp evenly flow to headbox. Leizhan pressure screen equipped the best screen basket and other external configuration, as the leader of paper machinery manufacturer in China, we can supply for you the best quality paper machine in low price.

The operating principle of the pressure screen

1. As the sizing pump, other process equipment and pipelines, etc. may cause fluctuations in the inlet pressure of the headbox, and this pressure fluctuations will affect the weight of the paper, the pressure screen can play the role of damping, slow down the pressure fluctuation.
2. The role of pressure screen is to protect paper machine equipment and wire.
3. Headbox pretreatment equipment is a Inflow pressure screen, slot gap generally is 0.2-0.4mm. Commonly used is 0.35mm.
4. The effect of the diluted water screen is the same as the paper machine screen.
5. The slag slurry is sent to the second stage pressure screen for screening, and the slot of the pressure screen is 0.3mm.

The Inflow pressure screen make the slurry flow to the headbox more steadily, while further screening the slurry, if you have any need, feel free to contact us.