Importance Paper Machine Spare Parts Of Felt

Paper felt is a valuable material in the paper making industry. It filters the water in the pulp on the paper machine and tightly overlaps the wet paper layers in the multiple wire. Therefore, the wet felt is required to have good water filterability and durability.

Details of Felt

Paper felt production process

Weaving—setting—shaping of base fabric—laying—hollow thorn—shaping—finished product.

How to choose paper felt?

For paper machine papers whose speed requirements are not too high, the weight can be in the range of 730 to 750, and the weight of the top blanket must be 50 grams higher. The specific situation depends on the structure of the felt base fabric, the specific gravity of the base fabric, and the vacuum pump of the paper machine. It is determined by configurations such as power, washing water pressure, roller diameter, pressure and drying cylinder size.

Selection and ordering of paper felt specifications

Choose the specifications based on the principles of long rather than short, wide rather than narrow, thin rather than thick.

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