HXS Series Curved Screen

HXS Series Curved Screen is a new generation of economical and practical solid-liquid separation equipment developed by our company absorbing international advanced technology. It is widely used in various industrial production fields.
HXS Series Curved Screen are mainly used in the following occasions in the paper industry:
1. Fiber recycling:  processing white water in various pulping and papermaking processes to recover fiber
2. Slurry concentration:               (1) Concentration of good slurry and tail slurry in the screening and purification system;
(2) Concentration of lost pulp.
3. White water purification:        (1) The white water purification of the paper machine is used for spray water;
(2) Purification and reuse of squeezed water from the paper machine.
4. Fiber classification:                  (1) Long and short fiber classification,
(2) Separate large fiber clusters.
5. Separation of fiber and filler: (1) Deinking pulp washing,
(2) Washing of coated broken pulp.
6. Sewage treatment: remove solid suspended matter

working principle of HXS Series Curved Screen:
Adopting the design of pressure jet feeding structure, the liquid material is sprayed on the curved sieve plate in a tangential direction through the feed box with adjustable lip opening. The jet force pushes the material through the surface of the curved sieve plate, depending on the spray force and The action of gravity causes the liquid and fine particles to pass through the gap of the sieve plate and converge to the filtrate outlet; the solid particles that cannot pass through the sieve are blocked by the sieve plate and flow to the outlet along the direction of the material flow to achieve solid-liquid separation.

Specifications and technical parameters:

Type:      HXS1      HXS2      HXS3
area:m2       1.26      2.52       3.78
radian:°                                        120
Inlet pressure:Mpa                                0.15-0.25
Into the pulp concentration(%)                                      ≤2.5
Throughput (concentrated slurry):m3/h       72-108      144-216      216-324
Throughput (white water recovery):m3/h      108-180     216-360      324-540
Screen slit (concentrated slurry):mm                                      0.15-0.3
Screen slit (white water recovery):mm                                     0.05-0.2
Flushing water pressure:Mpa                                      0.5-1
Water consumption:m3/h              6            12         18