Hunan Yangjia Paper Paper Making Machine Delivery Site

Details of paper machines transported this time

The pressure screen transported this time plays a vital role in paper making as a filtration system. The pressure screen works by applying pressure to a mixture of pulp and water, forcing them through a screen surface. This action separates the desired fibers from unwanted contaminants such as dirt and debris, ensuring a cleaner pulp.

By removing these impurities, pressure screens enhance the quality of the pulp and contribute to the efficiency of the paper production process. They are available in different designs and setups tailored to accommodate diverse pulp compositions and processing needs.

Details Of Delivery

Ordered machine: Pressure screen, D-type hydrapulper, reject separator, disc thickener
Delivery machine: Pressure screen, D-type hydrapulper, reject separator

Delivery time: January 3, 2024

Delivery destination: Hunan Yangjia Paper, China

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