How to solve the problems on Dryer

how to solve the problems on dryer

The dryer bearing of high-speed paper machine is a spherical roller bearing, and its load capacity is relatively strong; the bearing pressure is relatively large.

The common faults of bearings are wear, breakage, fatigue, corrosion, indentation and gluing failure. The cylinder failure is mainly caused by unbalanced cylinders and uneven wear on the cylinder surface.

Solution About Dryer’s Problems

1. Install a water-oil separator on the bearing to accelerate the dehydration of the lubricating oil and reduce bearing corrosion failure caused by excessive moisture.
2. Regularly check the distribution valve of the cleaning cylinder bearing to reduce the probability of erosion failure caused by equipment pollution.
3. Repair the equipment in time, and if the equipment is damaged, replace the dryer bearing fittings in time, or use high-quality, wear-resistant bearings and accessories as much as possible.
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