How to Recognize the Quality of A4 Paper?

A4 paper is widely applied in living, study and working environment. After being printed, A4 paper is able to be contract, document material, test paper, report, bidding books, etc. There is great needs for high quality A4 paper.

How to Recognize the Quality of A4 Paper

Standard basis weight of A4 paper is 80g/㎡. It is also named 80g A4 paper. There is 70g A4 paper as well, but it is easy to immerse in the inkjet printer.
Quality of A4 paper can be recognized from the following tips.
1.Paper toughness. The paper can be folded in half, if it is easy to disconnect that the paper is too brittle.
2.Paper dust number. Good paper surface is smooth without any dust. You can stack the paper on the desktop, if there is a lot of dust that paper quality is not up to the standard. It can not be used in the inkjet printers because dust will cause nozzle blockage.
3.Whiteness of paper. A good piece of A4 paper should be pure white. Even under the fluorescent lamp, A4 paper looks white from the inside, rather than bluish, which means that the paper is a chemical paper soaked with fluorescent agents or bleach.
4.Paper density. Good A4 paper is firm and flawless even in light or sunlight, without excessive impurities and lines. The rougher the paper, the more absorbent it is.
Good paper tends to give more sophisticated feel and more comfortable printing experience.

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