How to Improve The Softness of Living Paper

tissue paper making line
Toilet paper is one of indispensable things in People’s Daily life, the quality of toilet paper will directly influence the use of the consumers and the quality of people’s lives, so how to improve the softness of living paper?

Living Paper Softness

Softness and handiness depend on two factors:
One is the stiffness of the paper, which is the magnitude of the bending force when the force is applied.
The second is the smoothness of the paper surface, namely the friction resistance. The smaller the stiffness, the softer the paper; The smoother the paper, the better the feeling of touch, which is the main factor.
Measures to improve the softness and feel of toilet paper include:

1. Pulp categories: flexibility is good or bad in the toilet paper of the same quantitative sequence is as follows: Imported short fiber wood pulp > imported long fiber wood pulp > cotton pulp > bagasse pulp > pure white waste paper > wheat straw pulp.
2. Wrinkle scraper: the thickness of the blade, the Angle of the blade, the Angle of the scraper and the dryer have a great influence on the softness and feel of the toilet paper.
The thickness of the corrugated blade is large, the softness and feel of the paper are not good, and the blade thickness is the best when 1.8 — 2.0mm.
When scraping blade Angle is 85 °, 90 °, sheet softness and feel good, the service life of the blade is long.
Wrinkle scraper and dryer control is best when 18 °, 25 ° Angle.
3. Slurry beating degree: if the batter is high, the softness and feel are good, the evenness and strength are good, but the filter water is not good, and the drying is not good.
On the contrary, the batter is low, the softness and feel is poor, but the water filter and dry are better.
Such as tissue paper in production control 20 — 25 ° SR is ideal.
4. Page moisture: the moisture content of the page is 9% – 10% and below 5%, the softness and feel is poor, the paper page water control is 6% – 8% better.
5. Wrinkling speed ratio: the wrinkling speed ratio is too big or too small, the paper page softness and feel are not good, the better speed ratio is 1.2 — 1.3, the wrinkling rate is 25% — 30%.