How To Deal With Broken Paper

Kraft paper machine

During paper making process, improper operation, technical problems, paper machine quality and so on will have an impact on the quality of paper, the most troublesome is the broken paper, so how to determine the cause and solution of the broken paper?

Broken paper technical problems

1. Water dilution instability
A large portion of the white water will result in a broken head; Ensure proper white water storage.
2. Control system
Ensure the calibration and maintenance of all control devices; Poor concentration control can affect the whole system and paper machine operation.
3. Broken paper pool
The broken paper pool ability of paper machine is not enough. Check agitation and control; Ensure proper storage concentration.
4. Check the pump’s capacity
Lack of design ability will lead to insufficient supplies; The ability of pulping and pumping can not keep up with the improvement and speed of paper machine.
5. Check the turbine rotor and the extractors
Adjust the clearance between rotor blades and sieve plate; If the screen is blocked, the pump can be damaged by idling.
6. Check the liquid level of the broken paper pulper equipment
Check whether the liquid level sensor is blocked by broken paper.
7. The broken paper floats in the pulper
The broken paper pulper should be able to submerge the broken paper and break the broken paper. Adjust the position of the nozzle; Check the loop; Ensure sufficient agitation to pull the broken paper to the rotor area.

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