Horizontal Pulper And Vertical Pulper

Pulper equipment

In paper pulping line use pulper equipment to break raw material into slurry, there are Horizontal Pulper, Vertical Pulper and Drum pulper for paper making friends to choose, more and more customer choose Vertical Pulper and Drum pulper in their pulping line, so why Horizontal Pulper is no longer popular?

Horizontal Pulper

Horizontal Pulper divides into vortex type (horizontal) pulper and roller type (drum type) pulper.

Roller-type hydraulic pulper can break out non-fiber impurities, large production capacity. It uses the partition of the inner wall of the cylinder to keep the paper Constantly held, useing tearing shear to achieve the purpose of dissociation of fiber. Large impurities not subject to mechanical damage, making it easier to clean by cleaner device.

Vertical Pulper

The main structure is tank, rotor (impeller), bottom doctor and motor. The general turntable has a peripheral speed of 1000m/min.

Working principle: Start the motor, the impeller begins to rotate, the slurry in the tank inhaled along the center of the axis, throw from the circumference of high-speed , form severe turbulent circulation. Due to the traction of the impeller and the different velocity of the slurry layer, resulting in a huge friction effect, make the slurry in the wet state strong ease, separate fiber, while the fiber bundle in the gap between the impeller and screen plate, increase the role of fibrosis.

The advantage of Vertical Pulper compared with Horizontal Pulper

1. Adopt international advance technology and vertical structure make the pulping ability better than Horizontal Pulper, the Horizontal Pulper is equipment that  few years ago, technology can not meet the needs of the current paper.

2. More energy saving, the motor power is smaller than Horizontal Pulper in the same capacity.

3. Small footprint, easy maintenance, reduce maintenance costs

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