High Strength Corrugated Paper Making Line

The corrugated paper making line is a key production equipment for corrugated paper enterprise. In face of the increase fierce market competition, the degree of automation and production management level of corrugated paper production line should be improved so as to improve efficiency, save energy and reduce cost.

Machines Applied In High Strength Corrugated Paper Making Line

Chain Conveyor: Able to convey waste paper or paper board in bulk or bundle to pulper.
D Type Hydrapulper: Able to pulp different waste paper and paper board.
Grapple: Able to remove huge light impurities from the pulper.
Ragger: Remove the twisting slags from waste paper pulp, including string plastic, cotton yarn, iron wire, etc.
Rope Cutter: Able to cut the twisting impurities which is come from ragger, including iron wire, cotton yarn and so on.
High Density Cleaner: Remove heavy impurity, such as staples, glasses, stones and so on.
Inflow Pressure Screen: Applied for pulp homogenate in the process of paper making.
Double Disc Refiner: Beating paper pulp constantly in the paper making line.

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