High-strength Corrugated Paper Machine

The exceptional strength and physical characteristics of high-strength corrugated paper make it a perfect choice for various packaging needs. Leizhan Company, a leading manufacturer of paper making and pulping machinery, collaborates with numerous paper manufacturers globally. We are ready to assist you with your inquiries of high-strength corrugated paper.

Technical Parameters Of Corrugated Paper Machine

Main products: high-strength corrugated paper, liner paper

Quantitative range: 90-250gsm

Clean paper width (after rewinder): 5000mm

Production capacity: 350t/d (110g/m2, 500m/min, 22.5h, 100% production efficiency)

Working speed: 500m/min

Design speed: 550m/min

Crawling speed: 25m/min

Dynamic balancing speed: 600m/min

High-strength corrugated paper finds extensive applications in everyday use. Leizhan Company, with its expertise in pulping machine manufacturing, invites you to reach out via email at leizhanworld@gmail.com for detailed information and pricing on papermaking and pulping machines.