High Quality Tissue Paper Napkin Paper Making Line

Type of  tissue paper pulp:

Pulp consistency  0.2~0.4%
Dryness before drying  35~38%
Finish paper dryness  90~92%
Wrinkle rate :18~25%  18~25%
Product moisture  8~10%
Production time of one day  22.5hours
Felt design tension  4 KN/m
 Perating tension  3 KN/m

 Basic Data Of  Tissue Paper Machine:

Production types  toilet paper /tissue paper
Grade 13~20g/m2(finished paper)
Trimmed paper width 1760-3480mm
Bearing center distance As per designing
Working speed  150~180m/min(dryer)
Driving speed 200m/min(dryer)
Structure speed 210m/min(dryer)
Design capacity 4-10t/d
Drive type AC frequency control&drive separately
Main drive power as per design
Overall dimension  about as per design
Total weight  about 50-90T

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