High Quality Paper Machine High Speed ​​Stock Washer

High speed ​​stock washer has a high degree of automation and does not require manual operation during normal operation. The polyester net with guide strips on the High speed ​​stock washer eliminates the risk of the net running off the track. The carefully designed cantilevered net changing structure makes the net changing operation easier and faster, saving time and effort, and improving the use efficiency of the equipment.

Advantages of High Quality Paper Machine

1. High efficiency of impurity removal

2. High dehydration efficiency

3. High cleanliness of the washed pulp

4. Uniform quality of pulp after washing

5. Small footprint and large production capacity

6. Low power consumption

If you share our enthusiasm for the state-of-the-art high speed ​​stock washer, we invite you to reach out to us and connect with our team. Let us know your interest so we can provide further information and explore potential collaborations.

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