High Quality Kraft Liner Paper Production Line

This kraft liner paper production machine can make kraft corrugated paper rolls, corrugated paper, bagged paper, etc. from waste paper, raw pulp, OCC, wood, etc. The daily capacity is 40 tons.

Data of Kraft Liner Paper Production Machine

Model 2400 40T/D
Raw Material Waste paper, OCC, virgin pulp etc. 2400mm
Finished Product kraft paper, fluting paper, bag paper 2800mm
Paper weight 60-200g/m2 AC frequency converter, speed regulation, section drive.

For each project, our company will let the engineer design the deawing that suits the needs if the customer. Even if the customer is rhe first time to contact the paper industy, we will help the customer and let the customer really understand the requirement. According to the drawings, we must be responsible to the customer.

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