High Quality Double Disc Refiner For Stock Preparation Line

Double disc refiner consists of two counter-rotating discs, usually made of hardened steel. The discs have refining zones with various patterns of refining bars or plates. The pulp is fed between the two discs of double disc refiner, and as the discs rotate, the fibers are subjected to intense mechanical and hydraulic forces that refine and separate them.

Application & Features

1. Improved fiber quality: The refining action helps to improve fiber morphology, including fiber length, flexibility, and surface characteristics. This enhances the bonding properties of the fibers and overall paper strength.

2. Consistency control: The double disc refiner allows for precise control over the refining process, resulting in consistent fiber properties and paper quality.

3. Energy efficiency: The design and operation of double disc refiners minimize energy consumption compared to other refining methods, making them more efficient and cost-effective.

4. Versatility: Double disc refiners can handle a wide range of raw materials and pulps, including hardwood, softwood, recycled fibers, and non-wood fibers. This versatility makes them suitable for various paper grades and applications.

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