High Grade Toilet Paper Napkin Paper Making Machine Making Line

Toilet paper machine

Main Technical Specifications of Toilet Paper Machine:

1.     Paper grade: toilet tissue napkin paper

2.     Basis weight: 13-30g/m2

3.     Net paper width: 2600mm

4.     Working speed: 500m/min

5.     Design speed: 600m/min

6.     Production capacity: 25 t/d

7.     Gauge: 3700mm

8.     Driving method: AC variable frequency sectional drive

9.     Installed capacity: 317KW

10.   Arrangement types: left, right hand machine(chosen by user)

Tissue paper making machine adopts forward pulp hang type to feed pulp. It mainly consists of felt washing, cylinder mould part, drying part, reeling, driving and gas hood. Speed of the equipment is fast and paper quality is good. Easy to operate and no training for a long time.

Toilet tissue paper making machine mainly divided into these parts: headbox, fourdrinier wire part, press part, drying part and reeling part.

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