High-grade toilet Paper Making Line

high grade toilet paper making line

This machine is single wire and single felt multiple points medium speed Crescent tissue paper machine, it is mainly divided into forming section, press and dryer section, electric control transmission section, reel section and so on. The construction is reasonable; the layout is compact; the take-up space is small.

Crescent Paper Machine

Paper kinds:High-grade toilet paper, hand towels and tissue paper
Applicable pulp: wood pulp, waster paper pulp etc.
Nominal Yield: 35 T/D(It is on the basis of the dryer liner speed 750m/min; the base weight of the finished paper is 15g/㎡; the crepe ratio is 25%)
Fresh water and clean water : demand it is pure, no color and after sediment(sand removing), content of recycling white water ≤60mg
Maximum Roll Paper diameter:2000mm
Installed Power:654KW,operational power:620KW,transmissions power: 192KW

Forming section

The forming section includes: head box, forming roll, water catching device, wire part, and white water tank within paper machine., guiding roll and scraper of cleaning roll.

Press and dryer section

The press and dryer section mainly consist of Φ3000mm Yankee dryer with a carrier roller, a felt circuit, and frame etc. Vacuum carrier roller press adopts pneumatic pressure.

Electric control transmission section

This machine’s transmission divided into forming roll, big cylinder and paper reeling machine in total three transmission points.

Reeling section

Reeling section is made up of reeling cylinder, reeling  cylinder scraper, main arm system, auxiliary arm system, auxiliary arm system drive, circular curved beam stretcher device, paper roll break device, rack and so on. Reeling cylinder adopt universal shaft connections and it is equipped with alternating current dynamo and YZL hardened reducer transmission.