High Grade Cardboard Paper Making Project

Cardboard paper machine

According to request of customer part and practical experience of our company, here we company make instruction of structural information and supply scope of 2400/70 high grade cardboard,ivory board paper machine. The following is our instruction:

High Grade Cardboard Paper Making Project

This machine consists of many parts such as back section, cylinder part,press part,dry part,calender,paper rolling machine,foundation part,paper machine auxiliary system and so on.

1. Back section is adjustable turner.(Φ400)

2. Cylinder part adapt four set Φ1500wove mould to size.

3. Press part consists of a wringer (Φ350/Φ350)and two main presses.(Φ650/Φ600)

4. Dry section : two cylinder of Φ2500

5. Common paper rolling machine, drive system adapts sectional drive, AC frequency converter controlled.

Paper machine technical parameter

Paper making type:  white top grey back board paper

Paper width: 2500mm

Operating speed: 20-50m/min

Production capacity: 20t/d