High Efficiency Conical Refiner

Conical refiner is used for grinding of coarse pulp and recycled waste paper pulp. Conical refiner has high efficiency on beating long fiber pulp, like hemp pulp and wood pulp. This type of refiner is widely acclaimed for its good performance.

Worm gear and electric cutter are equipped in the conical refiner. So it is easy to operate the conical refiner. The pulp quality is high for the granding area clearance of conical refiner is stable. Stainless steel of the machine prolongs the service life. Many types of raw materials can be beated and the production is high.

A good refiner can make sure the pulp quality, reduce unnecessary energy and fiber loss. There are many types of refiner on the product list that you can select. Welcome to send email to leizhanworld@gmail.com for more information.