High Density Cleaner

Factors Affecting the Effect of High Density Cleaner

  • Import pressure
  • Pressure difference
  • Slurry concentration
  • Balance point position

The balance point is at the lower third of the inspection tube and is sized by flushing the sailor valve.
The balance point directly affects the slag removal effect, the balance point is too high, the slag removal effect is poor, the position is too low, and the fiber loss is large.

  • Material properties
  • Pass amount

High Density Cleaner High Density Cleaner

  • Before the feed pump is started, the High Density Cleaner must be filled with water to prevent the slurry pressure. Pumping water or slurry to the empty High Density Cleaner can easily reach the highest peak pressure, but it will not appear in the High Density Cleaner after flushing.
  • The pressure resistance of the glass tube generally does not exceed 4 bar, and the feed pressure should not exceed this value.
  • Do not close the glass tube when the High Density Cleaner is running, you need to wear eye protection when necessary
  • Before the High Density Cleaner is overhauled, the feed pump must be stopped and pressure relieved, all gas sources must be shut down, and the instrument personnel should be locked to lock all power sources.

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