High Density Cleaner for Paper Making

High density cleaner

The pulp slurry should first disposed by high concentration deslagging machine after breaking. And this machine is a kind of high concentration pulp purification deslagging equipment, which clean the pulp by separating the heavy impurities from the pulp according the difference on proportion of fiber and impurities.

Main specifications

1. The equipment covers a small area, easy to operate, not jam slag discharge, with high efficiency of purification;
2. Double cone structure, great slag separation ability;
3. Large diameter feed tee, large volume per unit, low pressure drop, low power consumption, simple process design;
4. It can remove sand, metal, glass and other heavy impurities, to reduce wearing of follow-up machines.
5. 304 stainless steel tee, thickened wear-resisting ceramics of cone, long service life;
6. Having manual discharge and self-discharging systems
7. Control interlocking system put an edd to the fiber loss.

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