Headbox For Paper Making


Leizhan headbox series is the best choice for the headbox, to meet the different production requirements, suitable for different high-quality paper and cardboard production. The new innovative solution, with today’s most accurate dimensioning, improves the performance of the headbox to a whole new level.

Leizhan headbox features

1. Excellent final product quality
2. High productivity
3. Low life cycle cost
4. Safe investment

The key performance of a normal running headbox is uniformity and uniform distribution. The hydraulic performance of the headbox basically determines the performance of the paper. The headbox can control the contours of the sheet and affect paper properties such as paper evenness. The Leizhan headbox allows the slurry to be evenly distributed throughout the forming section, without interference, and providing sufficient turbulence to the slurry to allow the fibers to disperse evenly. It is also important that the Leizhan headbox is simple to keep the operation clean.

Our machine cover the entire process of papermaking, from slurry preparation to all coating processes, to provide customers with quality service and reliable results to support your investment decisions.