Headbox For Paper Making Machine

Headbox is the key part of paper making machine. Headbox is able to improve the strength of paper. Structure and features of Headbox plays a decisive role on the formation and quality of paper.

Features of Headbox

1.Disperse fibers effectively. High turbulence fluid box can produce high strength micro turbulence, effectively disperse fiber, prevent fiber precipitation and reflocculation, improve the strength of the paper.
2.Distribute the paper evenly across the paper machine. (Determine the horizontal quantitative distribution of the paper width)
3.The grouting is stable to ensure that the grouting speed is coordinated with the network speed. (Determine the longitudinal quantitative distribution of the paper width)

Except for Headbox, other spare parts can be supplied as well, such as Dryer Cylinder, Cylinder Mould, Roller, Felt, etc. If you are interested, welcome to leave your message in the chart. Email:leizhanworld@gmail.com