Fourdrinier Tissue Paper Machine

Fourdrinier tissue paper machine is usually used to make living paper which is necessary to our daily life. The trimmed width of fourdrinier tissue paper machine is 2850mm. And this type of tissue paper machine consists of following five parts: headbox, wire part, press part, drying part and reeling part.

Components Of Fourdrinier Tissue Paper Machine

1.Headbox: Hydraulic headbox, through controlling input pulp main pipe inflow pressure and the opening degree of top and bottom lip of headbox
2.Wire part: single fourdrinier, main parts: breast roll, forming plate, dehydration plate, vacuum box, etc.
3.Press part: divided into main press and carrier roller press. Main press is double roll press, and equip with each one high and low covered rubber metal roll
4.Drying part: Divided into two large cylinders. The pressure way is air cylinder pressure and gravity pressure respectively.
5.Reeling part: Pneumatic horizontal type winding machine, air cylinder pressure.

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