Fluting Testliner Paper Making Machine

Testliner paper machine

Leizhan offer the whole complete fluting, testliner paper making machine, this machine can produce many kinds of corrugated paper, like fluting paper, kraft paper and testliner paper. You can buy a cost-effective paper machine with high quality, the following we give some information about this paper machine.

Dimensioning&design data

Paper grades: fluting, testliner paper

Production(100%efficiency): 325T/D

Width of sheet on reel: 4660mm

Width of paper: 4600mm

Paper width on reel: 4660mm

Working speed: 500m/min

Hand of machine

When standing at the reel and looking towards the headbox, the drive side is on the left/right side, the machine is called the left/right hand machine.

Except corrugated paper machine, we also produce tissue paper machine, coating paper machine, and kraft paper machine, no matter papermaking machine or paper pulp machine, all this can be seen in our company, and we have the confidence to supply the paper machine that you want.