Flotation Deinking Pulping Equipment for Paper Pulp Making

flotation deinking pulping equipment for paper pulp making

The Flotation Deinking Machine has higher requirements on paper, in the ipment, through the special structure of the inter-stage separation device, a multi-level flotation with different levels is formed, which prevents the mixing of the slurry between different flotation stages.

The dispersion of air and the mixing of the slurry is accomplished by a specially developed non-blocking jet system. This unique device structure allows the pulp to be internally circulated, and the air is used multiple times in the pulp to greatly improve air utilization. And ink removal efficiency.

The Flotation Deinking Machine has high deinking efficiency, high whiteness after deinking, good brightness, large concentration of excluded ink (up to 3% or more), minimal fiber loss, small floor space, simple operation control, and Significant advantages such as low consumption.

Main Specification of Flotation Deinking Machine

Layers 3-5
Consistency(%) 1.1±0.1
Consistency Of Ink(%) 2-3

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