Flotation Deinking Machine For Paper Plant

Flotation deinking machine is applied to deink recycled pulp to remove the ink light impurities and stickies. Flotation deinking machine can be used for many kinds of waste paper around the world. And it has multi stages flotation with layers to prevent the pulp mixing.

Advantages of Flotation Deinking Machine

1.High deinking efficiency and whiteness
2.Less occupied area, low fiber loss and energy consumption
3.Easy operation, automatic controlling
4.Various types of paper pulp can be deinked.

Flotation deinking machine is an advanced machine developed by our company. It is suitable for the producing culture and tissue paper, which has a higher requirement for the whiteness and brightness. Machines applied in the whole paper making line are produced in our factory. Welcome to send eamil to leizhanworld@gmail.com for more information.