Fireworks Paper Making Project

corrugated paper making machine

Fireworks paper is a kind of corrugated paper, recently our company Leizhan offer a complete paper machine for 330T/D firework paper making project of Hunan Lijin Paper Mill. This paper machine can not only produce firework paper, but also produce other corrugated paper.

Fireworks Paper Making Project

Information of customer

Raw material: waste paper

Capacity production: 330T/D

Customer’s name: Hunan Lijin Paper mill

Need equipment: Drum pulper, Pressure screen, Net screen, and any other papermaking machine.

This paper making process contain pulping system and papermaking system two parts.

pulping system

In pulping system we need pulper, cleaner, coarse and fine screening to makeĀ the slurry to a certain concentration to produce paper. The waste paper turn into pulp by Drum pulper and then the High density cleaner and Low density cleaner remove light and heavy impurities, the next stage is coarse screening and fine screening, in this stage Pressure screen canĀ further improve the rate of good pulp, and break long fiber. During pulping process generally need three stage cleaner and screening to make the pulp better.

papermaking system

Our company also supply papermaking machine, such as kraft paper making machine, cultural paper making machie, corrugated paper making machine and tissue paper making machine, all this you can select in our company. Meanwhile if you need a part of the paper machine can also be purchased in our company.