Fiber Fractionating Screen

Fiber Fractionating Screen

Fiber Fractionating Screen separate fiber into long fiber, medium fiber and short fiber through the physical screen slot, through the Fractionating separate fibers of different lengths, so that fiber can go into different cardboard paper headbox for paper making according to different characteristic to achieve the purpose of paper indicators.

Fiber Fractionating Screen

Fiber divides into long fiber, medium fiber and short fiber, the following is some technical data about fiber.

Short fiber: less than 120μm fiber, is the small fibers of waste paper raw materials back and forth in the recycling process, without good split wire effect and interlayer adhesion, is free state, can only be used as a regenerative box paper filling layer, To increase the weight and improve the yield, the total proportion of about 25 to 35%.

Medium fiber: fibers larger than 120μm less than 150μm, is a fiber with a certain strength in waste paper, after deep treatment (such as thermal dispersion or light, heavy purification) can be cleaner, so that can be used as a recycled box paper top Layer, to improve the cleanliness of the top layer and dyeing effect, but also to protect a certain degree of folding strength. The total share of about 35%.

Long fiber: larger than 150μm less than 220μm fiber, is the best strength of the fiber, but there are some screening impurities to stay in it, can be used as the bottom of the board paper to increase the strength of finished paper. The total share of about 40%.

Differences and Similarities of Fiber Fractionating Screen and M.C. pressure Screen

1. The rotor structure is different.
2. The rotor and screen basket gap is different.
3. Concentration and screen basket type are different
4. The size of the process interface is different.

The same thing: the working principle is the same as the outflow of pressure screen, the same configuration of materials such as purchased parts.