Features of Drum Screen

Drum screen is able to remove impurities in the process of paper making. Water spray system and helical blade are adopted in the drum screen. Impurities can be removed effectively, and fiber can be remained to the hilt. Drum screen has advantages of simple structure, reliable running, easy operation, etc.

Main Specification of Drum Screen

1.Type: ZST1A, ZST2A, ZST4A
2.Diameter of screen drum: Φ1000, Φ1500, Φ2000mm
3.Passing capacity:3000-5000l/min, 6000-8000l/min, 9000-12000l/min
4.Motor power: 4w, 5.5w, 11kw

Drum screen is a great impurity removal machine with good performance. There are several types supplied to select according to your requirement. If you are interested, leave your message in the chart below or send email to leizhanworld@gmail.com