Features of Drum Pulper

Drum pulper

Features of Drum Pulper

    • High quality pulp

Decompose waste paper fibers without shredding waste and producing fine fibers. The pulp is coarsely selected and impurities such as plastics, wet strengths, tapes and hot melt adhesives are removed under high concentration conditions without fiber loss, and the impurities tend to remain intact and are rarely destroyed.

    • Obviously save energy

The Drum Pulper does not consume unnecessary stirring, cutting fibers and impurities, and the energy is only consumed on the drum.

    • Wide adaptability

The Drum Pulper can process low-grade waste paper under high-concentration conditions, and has low yield loss. It can also process unselected waste paper, which can save a waste paper selection process.

    • High effective of deinking

Because of the strong effect of chemicals under high concentration conditions, the ink ions are sufficiently separated from the fiber surface, thereby reducing chemical consumption, shortening the processing time, and achieving a higher deinking effect.

    • Reliable continuous slagging

The Drum Pulper has a screening section, continuous slag discharge, a large amount of impurities, and high slagging efficiency, which can reduce the burden of the subsequent purification process.

    • Low overall equipment cost

The Drum Pulper has a simple and stable structure, only a small number of wearing parts, the equipment is easy to maintain and maintain, the screen hole is not easy to block, it can run for a long time, the operation and maintenance cost is low, and the machine has long service life.

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