Egg Tray Production Line For Malaysia Customer Using Site

The Egg Tray Production line for Malaysia customer include pulp making line and Egg tray machine.Our company can offer the paper the whole paper making line.

  • This new Egg Tray Making Machine have features of high efficiency, low maintenance and energy saving during the ten year practice.
  • The pulp molding system adopts to all kinds of waste paper to produce high quality molded fiber products. Such as egg boxes, apple trays, meat portion trays, vegetable portion trays,fruit portion trays, strawberry punnets, kidney trays, wine packs, can trays, seed cubes, ect.
  • The output try is thick at the bottom, and thin in the surface, which can save much paper pulp and energy.

Features Of Egg Tray Machine

  • High automation, low labor cost
  • Low production cost
  • Energy saving(by 30%-50% compared with other manufacture)
  • Water saving(complete water treatment system equipped)
  • Efficient Multilayer dryer, saving space(by 33% compared with traditional dryer)
  • Stable final product quality(same weight, same dimention,strong and good appearance)

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