Dryer Cylinder For Toilet Paper Machine

The dryer cylinder described in this article is configured for a toilet paper machine with a daily output of 96 tons. The maximum paper roll diameter of toilet paper machine is 3000mm. The pulp applied by toilet paper machine is commercial wood pulp board.

The dryer cylinder ensures uniform drying across the width of the paper sheet. This helps to avoid any inconsistencies or variations in moisture content, leading to consistent product quality. As the paper sheet passes over the dryer cylinder’s surface, it helps smoothen and refine the texture of the paper. This enhances the softness and overall feel of the final toilet paper product.

Details of Dryer Cylinder

1. Diameter: 4877mm

2. Face width: 4000 mm

3. Material: shell, end cover Q345R, shaft head 16MnIII forging

4. Cylinder shell surface hardness: 650–750HV

5. Internal machined surface: slotted

6. Maximum working pressure: 9.5 bar

7. Condensate drainage system: 6 siphons

8. Hydrostatic test: 1.5 times the working pressure according to the national pressure vessel standard

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