Dry screenign System for Bale Breaking


Advantages of Bale Breaker

  • 1. The Bale Breaker can help paper mill reduce artificially costs about 50% – 60%.
  • 2. When use Bale Breaker, can enhance picking effeiency 60% – 70%.
  • 3. Heavy impurity removal rate reach to more than 90%, which extend the life of wearing parts contacting with pulp more than 5 times.
  • 4. To reduce the micro and macro gooey. ( Wax block removal rate over 95%). To enhance the quality of finished pulp.
  • 5. To enhance the classificaton use and value increasing space.

Old Method of Bale Breaking

Use the large forklift to lift and fall off the waste paper bails many times, then the scattered waste paper would be sent to the next step. Or pure artificial scatter and sorting.

New System of Bale Breaking

Waste paper bales are sent to the Bale Breaking Dry Screening Machine by chain conveyor. Then the scattered waste paper would be sent to the next step after a small amount of artificial sorting in the sorting chain conveyor.

Efficient waste recycling with Bale Breaker

  • Easy pull cans
  • Big piece of plastic material
  • Scrap metal
  • Waste glass
  • waste plastic
  • other impurities

When use the Bale Breaker in the paper production line, it can reduce the wear of subsequent pulp equipment, the Bale Breaker is running in low energy consumption, and it has the high efficiency of breaking waste paper.

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