Drum Puper For Waster Paper Recyling Paper Pulp System

Application of Drum Puper:

Drum pulp is used for continuous pulping and rough screening of high-concentration waste paper.

Advantages of Drum Puper:

1.Continuous pulping and coarse and coarse screens simplify the process.

2. 14% -18% can be achieved at high concentration, “moderate” dispersion of fibers.

3. Keep the maximum length.

4. The impurity crushing rate is low and the efficiency is high, which reduces the burden of the following procedures.

5. Low power consumption, reducing operating costs.

6. The friction effect is effective for the liquid-liquid mixing and the high-concentration condition between the fibers. The ink particles are completely separated from the fiber surface.

7. Fully sealed structure, saving steam and chemicals.

8. Wide variety of raw materials.

Click here to get the technical parameters of Drum Pulper: ZG Series Drum Pulper

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