Drum Pulper Paper Machine

Drum Pulper

Recently our company Leizhan delivered paper machine for Jiangxi Yudu Zhengyi Paper Mill, this company developed a new 450T/D High strength corrugated paper production line. We supply Drum pulper for this paper making line, in our company we have other pulper equipment, so why customer choose Drum Pulper instead of other pulper machines?

Delivered information

Customer name: Jiangxi Yudu Zhengyi Paper Mill

Time: 2017.6.18

Raw material: LOCC

Finished paper: High strength corrugated paper

Delivered equipment: Drum Pulper

Why customer choose Drum pulper as pulping equipment?

1. Drum pulper is better for pulping waste paper as raw materials, can eliminate light impurities from the slurry without damaging the light impurities.

2. Drum pulper can replace the whole complete continuous broken equipment, has pre-dip area, broken area, screening area three parts, light and some heavy impurities can be removed from slurry better.

3. If production capacity is more than 80 t/d we suggest paper making friends to choose Drum pulper, because this equipment’s capacity is bigger and energy consumption is smaller than other pulper equipment, can reduce the number of some equipment.