Double Wire Carton Paper Making Machine

The following parts are included in double wire carton paper making machine: headbox, fourdrinier part, press part, front drying part, inclined type surface sizing machine, back drying part, calendering part and reeling part.

Components of Double Wire Carton Paper Making Machine

1.Head box: Two sets of open headbox, corresponding to top layer, bottom layer, and by controlling the gas pressure in the headbox to control and stabilize the sizing of the pulp.
2.Wire part: Double wire, respectively correspond to surface wire, bottom layer wire. Surface wire and bottom wire respectively equipped with one forming wire.
3.Press part: Divided into 1st press, 2nd press. 1st and 2nd press are large diameter roll pressing, respectively equipped with upper and lower rubber coated meatal roll, and upper,lower felt.
4.Front drying part: Φ1500/Φ1800 dryer, drove in group and equipped with wire guiding roll , dry wire and closed gas hood.
5.Inclined type surface sizing machine: One surface chrome-plated metal roller and one rubber coated metal roll. it is pressurized by corrugated gas tire pressure.
6.Back drying part: Φ1500/Φ1800 dryer drove by group and equipped with wire guiding roll ,dry wire and closed gas hood.
7.Calender part: Double roll calender, the upper and lower rolls are metal rolls.
8.Reeling part: Pneumatic horizontal reel and pressurized way is cylinder pressure.

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