Double Layer Kraft Paper Machine

Double layer kraft paper machine

Double Layer Kraft Paper Machine has two headbox for waste paper fiber grade, this machine can produce kraft paper and testliner paper, big capacity, high speed with low power consumption.

Double Layer Kraft Paper Machine Technical parameters

Finished paper: T-paper, kraft paper
Production capacity; 350t/d
Net of paper width: 4600mm
GSM: 90~160g/㎡
Working speed: 400m/min
Designed speed: 450m/min

This kraft paper machine use OCC as raw material, long and short fiber go to bottom layer, medium fiber enter into top layer, so need two headbox to achieve the purpose of classification. The complete kraft paper production line includes pulper section and paper machine. The pulper section from Chain conveyor to Inflow pressure screen selected according to paper machine capacity and other data. All this machine can be available in Leizhan, welcome to consult us.